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KHM Language Services is an organization built on experiences of experts who have served in translation and language training sector for many years.
Our purpose is to provide our customers with up-to-date and high quality translation and training solutions by keeping up with the developments in the fields of technology and training.
Our translation department organized under the management of our specialized translators that has been operating in translation sector since 1999 and serving for the leading companies not only in Turkey but also in the world provides language services for almost all widely spoken languages in the world. Our management team, aware of the importance of translation and quality of translation in the information age we are living in, selects translators quite elaborately in accordance with the international practice and makes its best efforts to ensure that translation is made by native speakers who are also specialized in their fields. Our team supports its customers by providing any kind of information on international document circulation and helps them save time and money.
KHM Language Services is always with you for rapid and quality translation services.

With a wish to help you reach your targets with correct solutions