We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. Communication has gained particular importance in today’s almost borderless world which has been shrinking in parallel to globalization. Establishing a healthy communication between different languages and cultures is possible with interpreters who have a very good command of the language pair with a native fluency. We build our interpretation services primarily on this point of view and only employ interpreters who are competent in their fields, have achieved success and proved their capabilities and knowledge through their works. We also select our interpreters considering the nature and subject of the work and specialty of the interpreter. In this way, we guarantee that we will make out the best result for you.
Services we provide include:
• Consecutive interpretation in conferences;
• Simultaneous interpretation in conferences;
• Consecutive interpretation during business trips;
• Escorting during business trips;
• Interpretation in meetings;
• Interpretation in negotiations;
• Bilateral negotiations
and we provide interpretation service in many other similar fields and subjects.